• $ 85.00

Various religions and yogis hold the Hamsa close to their heart.  It symbolizing many things depending on who you ask.  Much like art, the Hand of God has several interpretations.  Whether it be for protection, to ward off the "evil eye" or an interplay of the chakras, the energy flow in the body, and the five senses.  She is a delicate and classic beauty and I invite you to see how you feel when you wear her.

The Hamsa is approximately 2.5 cm/a little over half an inch long.  The gold-filed or sterling silver chain slides through a finger and the other through the base of the palm.  The chain is double-looped and therefore we consider the necklace child-proof.  The pendant is made in downtown LA and cast in 100% recycled brass.  It is then gold or silver plated.  The length of the necklace is 15 inches with a 2 inch extender.  Most of Laura Elizabeth necklaces are 16 inches, however I thought if one wanted to layer the Hamsa, I think it looks best worn as the shortest piece (due to the size of the actual hand).