• $ 175.00

One of my bestest friends in the whole wide world!  Courtenay, is from Canada, and therefore spells her name funny. ;)  There is no one in the world I'd rather walk on the beach and share my daily intentions with.  She knows me inside and out, she knows all my fears and thankfully has the integrity and smarts to keep her mouth shut. ;)  

This cuff is a cast of a dusty miller leaf. It is cast in 100% recycled brass and is silver or gold plated. This cuff is movable.. Feel free to mold it to your wrist. Don't be fooled, parts of the cuff look thin, it is strong and tough..

*Disclaimer: Please be aware since this is a leaf, parts of the cuff have sharper edges since is was casted from its natural form. These edges may pull at fabrics. Also, always be aware when bending any metal back and forth, over time it may break.  I advise, if you are tightening any cuffs to use various areas to avoid weakening one spot.