Loving MySelf for Valentine's Day

I've discovered the in my brief time in this life that when I want something, the only person who truly knows how to give it to me, is me.  If I want to be happy, at the end of the day, I'm the one who chooses to accept that happiness and live in it.  I am responsible for my own happiness.  Nobody else is.  Today and everyday I make a conscious effort to love myself and my sisters with an open heart.  When I see a quality in you, I am choosing to acknowledge it and love that about you.  In turn, I am opening mySelf up to loving more parts of me..  Happy Valentine's Day, ladies..  Loving you, loving me. Just loving.
- Laura Elizabeth 
Photography: Emily Perez


  • Laura,
    I,ve loved you from the day i met you thru connor and tristan.
    You are so beautiful both inside and out. LOVING you and
    thanking you for ihe love and joy you gave me to be with my grandchildren.
    It was never the same after you.

    phyllis lawless
  • Love you Laura!

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