• $ 240.00

Cleopatra was one of the most famous Pharaohs.  She was a very strong and powerful woman..  So why not embody this beauty that looks very Greek after such a goddess as her.

This necklace is approximately 11.5 inches long.  It wraps around the back of your neck and opens in the front.  Although, you are welcome to wear Cleopatra any way you'd like.  She is art, after all.  She is cast in 100% recycled brass in LA.

Disclaimer:  The necklace is a cast of two pieces and soldered together in the back.  Due to the soldering in the back, please refrain from bending the necklace back and forth.  It isn't necessary for the necklace to fit properly and if you bend metal back and forth over and over, it will break.

Please also be aware that the petals of the leaf have been rounded off, however, if for any reason the necklace should scratch you, please inform us.