Happy Hour Shopping with Laura Elizabeth

We’re super excited to share that Laura Elizabeth is now offering a shopping Happy Hour! If you’re looking for a fun way to get together with friends, why not host a Social Distance (Zoom) Happy Hour? It’s a great way to bring friends together over virtual drinks and laughs... with a little bit of retail therapy mixed in!

You’ll be able to shop our ethical and sustainable jewelry while staying home and get to know the brand a little better. But wait, I'm just getting started!

The perks

· 25% off all Laura Elizabeth for you, the hostess

· 10% of the total earnings from all purchases in merchandise credit towards your purchase or 5% in cash (when more than 10 guests participate/shop)

· 15% off all Laura Elizabeth jewelry for your guests

Plus, you’ll get some 1:1 time with me during the happy hour, so I can share some tips, tricks and share all my styling secrets! Ask me anything during this time, I’m all ears!

Want to be a hostess? Here’s how it works!

Invite a minimum of 20 of your closest girlfriends and Co-host the happy hour with Laura Elizabeth on Zoom. Invite 20, knowing that a lot less will show up to the Happy Hour. Remember this is Zoom, so your family and friends can be outside of your city!

...and that’s it really, it’s that simple! All of the jewelry ordered is shipped out the next day, so everyone can get their Laura Elizabeth goodies fast! 

Get in touch today to host, I can’t wait to meet you!