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Female-owned and operated, Laura Elizabeth makes sustainable, handcrafted jewelry right in the USA. Signature designs include delicate, silver and gold-fill necklaces, elegant earrings, hammered brass cuffs, and artisanal-look rings.

Laura Elizabeth jewelry is worn to effortlessly express your uniqueness.

One way to show this is through layering your Laura Elizabeth. 

Styling LE

Environmentally Conscious

Part of the Laura Elizabeth mission is ensuring all jewelry is ethically sourced in a way that doesn’t harm people or the planet. Every part of the production process—down to the packaging—has been carefully thought through for the health and protection of the environment and our customers.



Each piece of Laura Elizabeth jewelry is created by hand—right in the USA! This means you’re purchasing a high-quality piece that supports a small business and our nation’s economy.

Made for women by women

Made for real life

Laura creates jewelry to withstand the wear and tear of real life. It is not just jewelry for a single moment, it's jewelry to carry you through all of life's moments. 

Yes, you can shower, sweat and even swim in Laura Elizabeth Jewelry.

LEJ was created to complement each look you wear and memory you create. Get a boost wearing it during simple moments—Monday’s vinyasa session—or during a major life event.

Mama Friendly

Delicate and strong, just like you

Laura Elizabeth jewelry is handmade from fine materials and designed to withstand the wear and tear of real life. It’s beautiful and feminine yet durable and timeless.

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